What are your denominational affiliations?  We partner with the Missouri Baptist Convention, Tri-County Baptist Association, and the International Mission Board of the SBC.
What are your beliefs?  For a summary of what we believe about God and the Bible, please read The Baptist Faith and Message. If you have specific questions, please email us, and one of our pastors will get back with you!
How big is your church?  On a typical Sunday, we currently have 150-200 worship with us.
What kind of music do you sing?  We have a “blended” worship service, singing both familiar and newer hymns of the faith.
What is the preaching like?  Biblical, expository (verse by verse) sermons that are applicable to everyday life.
What do you offer my small children?  Selmore is a “kid friendly” church where you will always find kind, and competent people to care for your children in a clean and safe environment. Please see the Children’s Ministry page for more details.
What do you offer my teens?  Selmore has an active youth ministry. Please see the Youth Ministry page for more details.
Will I be pressured to give money?  No way!
Do I have to “dress up” to attend?  Absolutely not!
How may I become a member of your church?  There are three primary ways: First, if you have never done so, publicly profess your faith in Jesus Christ, and be baptized. Second, if you are a Christian, and currently belong to a Southern Baptist Church, you may be accepted based on a letter of recommendation from that church. Third, if you are a Christian, and have been scripturally baptized in another denomination, you may be accepted based on your testimony of these events.