Selmore Baptist Church
Friday, May 25, 2018
Neighborhood Church. Global Mission.

Ozark Rocks

Selmore Rocks!

We are wanting to reach people in a creative way, using rocks!  This is an easy and fun activity that can help people know more about our church.  It can be done individually or as a family, and it can continue ALL year long!  Since we are sharing about God and our church, it would be great to add our church’s name, verses, or a positive message!  There is a group on Facebook that helps increase our reach, so if you can join it, please do. If you cannot join, do not worry, people will still find and re-hide the rocks.

Ozark Rocks Group:

When you create a rock, make sure to add the Facebook logo and Ozark Rocks to a side then spray with clear coat.  This can easily be written with Sharpie!

If you are able, post a picture and a clue as to the location.  If you are unable to, don’t worry, people will still find and re-hide them!  

If you FIND a rock, rehome it around town.  This will keep our rocks circulating, helping us reach more and more people!

Rules for hiding rocks:

Safety First - don't hide them where you have to climb, crawl or where someone could trip on them.Image may contain: food

Hiding in plain sight is the most fun.

Hide the rocks outside.

Ideas for hiding:

Square in Ozark

Ozark Park

Behind the OC/OC trail in Ozark

Anywhere there is a lot of high traffic pedestrian areas!